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Mirror Silicone 280ml

Mirror Silicone 280ml

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Selsil mirror silicone is a high performance neutral cure silicone sealant designed to give superior adhesion and durability in a wide range of glazing, weather –sealing and trade applications.

Selsil mirror silicone will bond to form a strong weatherproof seal on most common building materials such as: glass, ceramic, steel, aluminum etc.

Selsil Mirror Silicone is a one-component, gunnable, neutral silicone.

  • Neutrally cured.
  • Low module, high elasticity.
  • Exhibits good primer-less adhesion to most substrates.
  • Does not corrode metal.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Low odour.
  • Resistant to UV rays and extreme temperatures.
Base Silicon Polymer
Polymerization System Neutral (Oxime)
Density 1,02±0.03 g/ml (TS 781 ISO 758)
Hardness 20 Shore A
Çekme Dayanımı >1,2  N/mm2  (23°C;50% R.H.)
Tack-free time 12-13 min (23°C; 50% R.H.)
Cure rate Min. 2.5mm/day (23°C; 50% R.H.)
Tensile Strength 1,5 N/mm2  (ASTM D412)
Elongation at break >200%
Sagging 2mm
Application Temperature 5°C to 40°C
Temperature resistance -5°C to +150°C
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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Eric D. Ingram
Good Quality

The silicone is of high quality and has a nice glossy finish which looks great. The product also comes with a nozzle for easy application. The product is very easy to use and does not create any mess – no drips or runs. I have been using it to seal my bathroom fixtures and it has been doing a great job. The product also has a long shelf life and I don't have to worry about it going bad. Overall, I am very pleased with this product and would recommend it to anyone who needs a quality silicone sealant.

Arthur S. Leroy

Tá mé tógtha. Tá an táirge ar chaighdeán thar a bheith ard agus soláthraíonn sé séala iontach. Tá sé éasca a chur i bhfeidhm agus tá an bailchríoch réidh agus gairmiúil. Ní chrapadh nó crack freisin nuair a leigheas, mar sin tá sé an-iontaofa. Tá an praghas an-réasúnta freisin, rud a fhágann gur luach iontach ar airgead an táirge seo. Moltar go mór!

Very Useful

I was working on and am very impressed with the quality of the product. The silicone is easy to use and the results are consistently high quality. It's a great product for DIYers and professionals alike. The container is well made and the material is durable. The application is easy and the cured silicone is strong and flexible. The results are smooth and glossy and the product is suitable for a variety of projects. I highly recommend this product for anyone who needs a great quality silicone product.

Alvin L. Hillard
Very Smooth

I just bought the Mirror Silicone 280ml and I am very pleased with it. It is a great product for home use and I find myself using it a lot. The silicone is very durable and it is easy to clean. I love that I can use it to create shapes and it is non-stick. I also love the fact that I can use it to make desserts and it is perfect for making mousse. The size is perfect for making small desserts and it is just the right size for my needs. I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a good silicone product for home use.

Jhon Moran

Very Good Product and Very Useful for me. Nice!