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Push to Open Telescopic Slide

Push to Open Telescopic Slide

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Product Name : 46 mm Push Open Telescopic Slide
Slide Length : 300-350-400-450-500-550-600 mm
Loading Capacity : 30 kg (including drawer box)
Metal Thickness : Inner Part:1.50 mm / Middle Part: 1.20 mm / Outer Part:1.20 mm

Production Technology
All slides are producing at our Full Automation Ball Bearing Slide Production Facility.
All products are manufactured with ISO 9001: 2015 Quality System.
All products are certificated by TÜV Rheinland LGA which subjected to all international validity tests.


Type of Material
GALVANIZED Type of Inner, Middle and Outer Material : Special Quality Galvanized Sheet Metal is used.
GLOSSY  Type of Inner, Middle and Outer Part Material:  Special Quality DKP(Ungalvanized) Sheet Metal is used.
Covered with Zinc Cr+3 which is safe for human health.
Type of Metal Ball Bearing Bedding Material: Special Quality Galvanized Sheet Metal is used.
Type of Plastic Ball Bearing Bedding Material: Dupont
Type of Steel Ball Bearing Bedding Material: Special Quality High Carbonized Steel is used.


There are 32 and multiples which are the international standards.
Suitable holes in the drawers are drilled. The ejected part of inner slide is screwed into the drawer
It screws down to the drawer box with only 2 screws (YHB M4 Bolt or YHB Ø 3.5 Chipboard).
The space between the case and the drawer box is left as 13 mm.
With the help of the locking latch on drawer slide, the slides can disassembly from each other.
Thanks to PUSH-OPEN Mechanism, Handleless Drawers are self-opening and closing.

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Customer Reviews

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Harry Brown
Better Than Others

Telescopic Slide: Sturdy, smooth extension. Compact design. Reliable performance. Versatile applications. Easy installation. Durable construction. Excellent value for functionality.

David Moore
Smooth Design

Durable construction ensures long-lasting performance. A must-have for seamless storage solutions.